¡Holy god! Greeicy Rendón could not with both and not wanting this did Not gave worth!


Greeicy Rendón revolutionized the networks for the post this image that he put to fly the imagination of many of his followers. It became viral! Don’t let of looking at it!

Without a doubt, Greeicy Rendón it has become in recent times one of the colombian artists more important, increasing each day its popularity both on stage and in social networks.

The famous artist, found his fame by being part of the cast in the series “Girl Vampire” and “The X Factor”, for after you move in the world of music to be heard across the continent.

Greeicy is located kept in your sweet home, in compliance with the measures established and how usual looking for a way to entertain her and amuse their fans, so I decided to look at your history of Instagram and share a instant where it appears amenamente dancing and smiling.

But in the post, what caught the attention was that the singer was not fixed to any one of its parts is out of the top of her micro swimsuit, making her admirers were leaving the eyes.

Despite the fact that many praised for showing off his spectacular body, others criticized her strongly. But apparently, to Greeicy do not bother for nothing and paid no attention so they continued enjoying their great dancing.

The talented singer once again prove that it is all a professional and that there is nothing that makes you stop in your path.