How have you become old disks of Madonna, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, to the lists of sales? | LOS40 Classic


In what year are we? This is what some will wonder if they see the lists of digital sales as far as music is concerned. And is that, in the last days, we’ve found some surprises in the top 10 of the iTunes listwith some albums that already have a few years to occupy high positions.

In particular, three artists should be more than satisfied. Madonna, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson have returned to place disks of yours in the ranking of sales, but what is most surprising is that spent decades in the market.

The days 27 and 28 of April, the album Carey E = MC2 (2008) was number 1 in the count, while the disk Bedtime Stories Madonna (1994) reached the top position on the 30th of April. To finish, the album Control Janet Jackson (1986) also visited the top 10 for the week. In fact, at a given time, the three albums were gathered together in that smooth of the bestselling albums of iTunes.

It is also true that today it is not necessary a large amount of sales to reach the number 1 the ranking of the most sold, especially if we take into account that the market for albums has fallen steeply in the last few years, and that precisely at that week, there were no major music releases.

The trio of discs was part of a promotion of the virtual store in which the albums they lowered their price to $ 4.99. But as important as this discount was the quick reaction of the fans of the singers, that they began with campaigns on social networks to attract attention and boost to a greater extent sales to place their idols in the first place.

The artists have not been slow also in responding to those big sales. Mariah Carey showed on Twitter your surprise without believe it:

“What what what what what is going on????? ¬°¬°JusticeForEMC2 !!!!! I’m so overwhelmed at this moment! Thank you #lambily for wake me up whenever the mood, and give me life. I love you for always”.

In the same way, Madonna has also reacted to this unexpected rise in his album of 1994 in networks with the following tweet: “Celebrating my album number 1 on iTunes and the fun I had pushing along my career! Thank you to all for making me better spend such a difficult time! Always!

Also Janet Jackson has thanked all the entrance of your disk to the top of sales with a discreet ‘Thank you’ to quote a tweet, which reported about it.