“I am very concerned about what is happening in Spain”


He has devoted long hours to promote Tyler Rake
the action movie big budget that has been filmed for Netflix. But unlike when he did as much for their movies
or The Vengadores, in which he had to spend weekends in London or Los Angeles, Chris Hemsworth it has been able to give the pleasure of giving interviews very comfortably sitting in his mansion in Byron Bay, a coastal town located about 800 kilometers north of Sydney in Australia.

And although as it supports the massif actor of 36 years, spends his days entertaining the 3 children he has had with the Spanish Elsa Patakia girl of 8 and twins of 6, manages to finish the conversation without any of them it pops out to interrupt his father.

Chris Hemsworth, of God, a revenger to mercenary.

Chris Hemsworth, of God, a revenger to mercenary.

– How are you dealing with the quarantine?

The truth is that children keep us very busy, as happens to all parents. What to study from home is complicated and most of the time we go in to negotiate when and how they will do the task. I have a huge respect for teachers, more than ever today, between other things because my mother was a teacher. And is that what is happening today is a challenge. We are quite fortunate, because we live in a small coastal town in Australia, in an area that is not very populated, so I feel very bad for the people who have to move in apartments. Luckily we have a garden, and in addition we are in Australia, which has done a good job of lowering the curve and minimizing risks, because it has been fulfilled very well what the social distancing. Thank God we have not touched something so intense as what is happening in other corners of the world. We can go out to exercise, and we know that is not the case for many people. Anyway I appreciate being able to spend as much time with my children, because I’ve been travelling a lot during the last 10 years. To do this interview, in other circumstances would have had to travel very far to speak with you. To be able to do this from my house as I spend time with my family is something very positive, as it may be a time problem for the whole world.

-I imagine that you will be very aware of what is happening in Spain…

Of course. Part of the family of Elsa is here in Australia by pure chance. His mother came to visit us and their brother has been living here for a few years. One of his cousins was here but his father came back to Spain so we have maintained very close contact. I’m glad to not be in a densely populated city and that is why I am very concerned about what is happening in Spain and in any big city in the world, because there have to deal with many heavy restrictions. Especially if you’re with children. I already have enough trouble entertaining my kids and the same thing happens with my neighbors, and that we can go out for a walk. I don’t want to imagine how it would be if you were in an apartment and couldn’t get out to the street.

Chris Hemsworth workout during the quarantine

Chris Hemsworth workout during the quarantine

– Do you surf in where are you?

Yes, in some sites. They have closed the parking lots in certain areas, and in Sydney there are restrictions, very strict that they impede the access to the beaches. But where I live there is not a lot of people, so there are some beaches that you can surf, although I haven’t been making much the same feelings of caution is that you have all over the world. But if I’m going to surf, I keep all the distance I can and if I see people, I’m going to do it to another site.

– Are you taking advantage of this pause to devote to the things that has always left for later?

No, because oddly enough I’m more busy now than ever, because although I am all the time in my house, I do not have 6 hours in which children go to school. In the normal life is up at 6, go to sleep at 8 and is fantastic. But now we don’t have that routine and how they think they have nothing to do, all the time is sending me scripts and books. But the kids have me so busy that I don’t have much time to read. I dedicate all my creative spirit to find new ways of entretenerles, because you miss a lot of their friends. In that sense, they are worse than the adults. Do not understand too much of what is happening and it is something that has them very confused and also miss the interaction with other children on the playground or in the park.

Our appetite for the film and the tv never goes to waste”

– How do you see the future of the film industry?

It is confusing. When I speak with people in Hollywood, they all share the same doubts and do not know what will happen in the future. But I think that our appetite for the film and the tv never goes to waste. It is but, I think that in this moment is something that we appreciate more than ever because we need escapism. But how complicated it will be to find a new logistics for filming. We’re going to have to change the way we do things. I guess we will have to work with technical teams reduced in stages that are isolated, not amongst lots of people. Anyway, there are people much more clever than me that is working hard to find a new way of doing things. What I am sure of is that you will always be a need to see film. In my case, I can’t wait to get back to work. For a long time I felt a great need to take a long vacation, so I really enjoyed spending the last 12 months without filming. But now I feel more than motivated to return to the sets.

-In times like these, wouldn’t you like that Thor and his friends were so that they could save the world?

If they were real, I have no doubt that they would be working hard to try to find a solution to this terrible, terrible time we live in. Anyway, no that is what you could do Thor with his hammer to solve things, but I don’t doubt that Bruce Banner with his brain could think something and the same goes for Tony Stark…