I, Jose Gabriel | Chapter 28


This chapter recalls the origins of the program since 1998 and the interviews with the unforgettable characters who have gone through the set.

10 May 2020 15:26By: canalrcn.com

From your home, José Gabriel recalls how she was born to her program and interview conducted during December 1998 to the great humorist, Jaime Garzón, who in addition to singing, talked about the talent and education in Colombia. Heriberto of the Street, a character of the deceased journalist, also took fun to the set.

José Gabriel also revives their courage when it was put in the cage of Circus Hermanos Gasca with lions, tigers, and a lion tamer. During may 2005, the singer vallenato Diomedes Diaz narrated how he was childhood with his brothers and when they were born their compositions and sons. In addition, the ‘Chief of the Board, ” revealed what was the happiest moment of your life.

Another outstanding interview conducted at the beginning of the program was the singer Shakira, who during December of 1998, talks about the qualities of his parents and childhood friends that remained in his life even after achieving fame. In addition, the barranquilla recalls specific histories of the first four albums that he recorded.

Seven years later, Joseph Gabriel was reunited with the singer-songwriter and asked him about his first years of life, as well as the way to deal with the changes of cities and countries. Finally, Shakira stressed the bases for achieving peace in Colombia and narrated why he created her Barefoot foundation.