In underwear, black, Aura Cristina Geithner looks your curves to the maximum


The actress was pleased their fans with a series of images full of sensuality

During the quarantine, Aura Cristina Geithner it has been decided to be displayed to their fans as it is: sincere, sensual and enjoying life. This has been reflected in their videos Tik Tok and in their recent publications in Instagram.

Now, the colombian 53-year-old was delighted his followers with a collection of images in which, wearing a sexy set of black lingerie. In several of the photos Aura Cristina appears, smiling, and wrote the message: “Pictures. The sweet charm to seduce…Breaking stereotypes. Life is beautiful and valuable.”

Since it is a custom of the actress the say good night to his fans with a photo suggestive, as it did a few days ago when he posed in his bed, wearing underwear, not to mention the messages motivational never missing in their publications.

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