It has gotten out of hand! New madness of Bella Thorne in this photo!


Very few things are left for you to prove it to Bella Thornethe actress is addicted to emotions and never says ‘no’ to anything. Ornaments on his body, clothing of the most zany, movies, and several papers, elections sometimes we go hands… like today!

Almost that we should be accustomed to this, but we always want more. Expected the impossible, and she gives it. As it has done with your hair… is another of their follies or a mistake meditated?

“New hair, new movie” there is the supposed reason for his change look…though she doesn’t need excuses.

It is not known what paper is brought between the hands the actress to wear a gradient in your hair. From the roots of your colour, going by the dark blue to finish in a kind of blue sky reminiscent of the waters of the beaches of Mexico… will you be giving a track the location of your new film?

The moment Bella has not said anything about this projector but everything seems to indicate that the look the actress was due to film ‘Chick fight’ where he will share scenes with Alec Baldwin and Malin Akerman. And having said this, we are supported bets on the validity of our assumption!

This is not the first time that Thorne go to dyes and hair cuts special to call attention or to get into the skin of a character, and that that earlier this month she was seen with its original color, dark brown, in the video session prior to the ceremony Golden globes, how little it takes to participate in decisions about hairdressing!

As she herself says, you will change and you will the changes that are not normal. Everyday life has no place in his life, not even in the color of the hair.