Jada Pinkett on Will Smith: “I have realized that I do not know him at all”


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are one of the couples most solid of Hollywood. The performers passed by the altar in 1997 and have had two children, also famous Jaden and Willow Smith. However, and despite the credit its more than two decades of marriage, the actress and singer has revealed that, in the background, barely knows her husband.

Pinkett-Smith has made this unexpected and striking confession in the framework of their ‘talk show’, Red Table Talk, which is transmitted by Facebook Watch and in which, relying on diverse guests and specialists, the artist discusses a variety of topics of interest, often related to current events. And in the new episode of the program the subject of discussion focuses precisely on the friction that the confinement which has forced the pandemic coronavirus may be occurring in some couples.

“One of the things that I’ve noticed”noted Pinkett-Smith, “is that I don’t know Will at all. It is something challenging”. A few words quite surprising that the wife of the actor explained ensuring that in situations of global crisis as of now “one is forced to look at things differently.”

The interpreter was accompanied in the debate by her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, their daughter Willow and the counselor, marriage Michaela Boehm (which presented revealing that he advises personal Will and her), and after this first confession, unexpected, wanted to emphasize the idea of friendship as a key for a relationship to work.

“What Will and I have learned is to be friends“he said, “because one is inside of all of these ideas of how it has to be supposedly in an intimate relationship, how it has to be supposed to be a marriage.” The actress pointed out below that Will and she are in the middle of a process of mutual enrichment: “He is taking the time to learn to love yourself, I’m taking time to learn to love myselfand we are building a friendship along the way.”

To conclude his reflection, Pinkett-Smith acknowledged the following: “let me tell you that this has been something important, bring married to someone over twenty years and rare is realizing this: ‘I don’t know you and you don’t know me’. And also realize that there is an aspect of yourself that not even you know.”