Jennifer Lopez shared a video teaching how to move the hips to Shakira in the pre-Super Bowl


The hips Shakira they are one of his trademarks. In fact, one of his most famous songs is The hips don’t liethat just refers to that part of his body.

However, during his presentation at the last edition of the Super Bowl, the colombian singer received advice how to move your waist from the hand of nothing more and nothing less than Jennifer Lopezwho taught him his famous booty shake.

The own JLo shared through his account of Instagram a series of videos of the rehearsals leading up to the event every year that paralyzes, literally, to the united States.

In the clip you can see the two pumps latina from behind, while Jennifer Lopez begins to move the buttocks while he looks at his colleague and gives some indications, as you move the knees so that the movement is more fluid.

As expected, the video is viralizó quickly and caused a revolution in the social networksnot only the situation itself but by the chemistry that emerges between them.

Is that prior to the event, much had been spoken of a supposed enmity between themto such an extent that even he had come to say that he wanted to make shadow to the other, and that in the previous trials almost or had been spoken. Something that just look at the images in the video that spread JLo to realize that is completely devoid of grip.

It is worth remembering that the show which usually takes place in the middle of the grand final of the football was the first starring two women of Latin origin.

Train of memories, JLo also shared a video practicing his triumphal entry attached to a metal bar and another on the left to climb away over shoulders by the body of dancers to the rhythm of ” Ain’t no funnyone of its great successes.