Kate Beckinsale has the best response to the questions about Pete Davidson


Kate Beckinsale, Pete Davidson

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Kate Beckinsale is the queen of sarcasm, ohhh yes.

The star of Underworld showed his ability when he responded to the comment from someone in Instagram about Pete Davidson. Beckinsale published a photo in front of a portrait of 1978, the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury.

“Trying to look like someone who was not so excited about this photo…”, subtituló the black and white photo.

As expected, the actress of 45 years received a few comments about their romance casual with the comedian Saturday Night Live. According to a screen capture of the profile CommentsByCelebsit is a comment on Davidson really pushed her to respond.

“What is a painting of Pete Davidson?”, asked the user.

Rami Malek, do you want to comment?

“GREAT EYE,” replied Kate.

It seems that this user of Instagram I was pretty far in terms of the content of the portrait and the environment. It is not a painting of Mercury, but a photograph taken by Neal Preston.

This is not the first time Beckinsale has dealt with comments on Davidson on their social networking profiles.

Pete Davidson, Kate Beckinsale


A few days after the Golden Globes, 2019, when the two first saw the flirting, Beckinsale added a photo on Instagram and someone wrote: “Heavens, Kate. Not Pete Davidson”.

The image that you added had nothing to do with the Balloons or Davidson. It was a photo retrospective of his mother, which she accompanied with a legend of self-criticism and fun.

“No, that’s my mother,” answered Beckinsale. “Easy mistake”.

The actress and stand-up comedian enjoyed a night out in Los Angeles last weekend after his show at The Long at the Coronet on Friday. They also spent a few days after he was hospitalized for a ruptured ovarian cyst. Were photographed holding hands after the show and upping your self.

A source told E! News that Beckinsale is Davidson’s “funny and charming”, but “it’s definitely not anything intense.”

Another source told us that it considers the “most sweet and pleasant”. Apparently, Kate does not find any problem with the age difference, which is 20 years. “May seem like a match unlikely, but she thinks she is great and very fun,” the source added.

According to another source, “Kate likes to go out with younger guys and have fun with them. It is very young at heart, so it works for her. It is easy, less pressure, go out with someone young and not looking for a serious commitment”.