Katy Perry generates mixed feelings in the audience with his most recent presentation


On the day of the mothers in the north of the continent, the judge of American Idol, Katy Perrysurprised the audience with his most recent presentation for “The Disney Family Singalong“. Dressed in a striking costume of the classic “Dumbo“ the interpreter of 35 years, she sang “Baby Mine” from the movie 1941. But, as the pop star does so often, he decided to have a little fun with her some more, causing mixed feelings in the audience.

Perry sat there with the costume, full of mother elephant while she cradled their dog Nugget, who was dressed as Dumbo. Although several fans welcomed the performance, many joked with the caritas of the small can and the play presentation. “I thought that Katy Perry would make me cry until I saw this disguise”commented one user on the social network of the bird.

“Poor dog, cooped up in a disguise of Dumbo” he added a second. “She looks so stupid,” added a third critic. However, many supporters knew how to evaluate the initiative and to laugh at the situation. “Katy Perry is quite an event,” said Sheppie Niagara, while other internet users highlighted the presentation as one of the best deliveries of the singalongs of Disney.

Katy Perry in the sweet waiting

After going crazy to your followers with the news of your pregnancy during the launch of “Never Worn White” last march 5, Katy Perry announced the sex of their first baby. The American Idol judge revealed that she and Orlando Bloom, 43, are parents of a baby girl that will arrive in the summer in north america. However, their wedding plans have been postponed due to the coronavirus.

A source close to the couple had revealed that the celebration planned for this date in Japan would consist of about 150 guests, with Perry really excited for the walk through the altar with his tummy. But while the celebration remains in suspense, the couple is isolating board in the U.S. staying on the sidelines. In addition to giving birth in just a few months, the singer is also preparing for the release of his new album.