Katy Perry shared an ultrasound of their first baby on Instagram


The news about the pregnancy of Katy Perry it has been one of the most exciting this year. The actress revealed a couple of months ago and, since then, has not ceased to surprise its fans with images of their looks of motherhood, to the side of her fiance, Orlando Bloom, or well, your last video that you posted on Instagram where it showed an ultrasound of your baby.

The interpreter Never Worn White he shared with his more than 90 million followers on Instagram a sequence of your baby inside your womb, generating reactions of excitement and joy among their fans and closest friends. ‘A new baby Katy as he comes’ or ‘this video was all that was needed’ were some of the comments that the singer received.

Katy Perry showed the ultrasound of their baby on Instagram.

© Daniel Pockett

True to his well-known sense of humor, Katy Perry commented on the caption the video, that your baby was making a sign with ‘the middle finger’ during the ultrasound. ‘When your daughter is not born gives you a middle finger from the uterus, you know I expected’, he said, adding the hashtag ‘happy mother’s day to me’.

Katy Perry confirmed her pregnancy at the beginning of the month in march, when it launched its theme Never Worn White with a tender video that we presented the first image of your baby bump. Subsequently, at the beginning of April, the artist revealed the sex of their baby, again in Instagram, with a image that was showing us how he celebrated the gender reveal of your daughter at the side of Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry has continued her musical career to the few to take your maternity.

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Currently, Katy Perry spend your time at home due to the contingency by Covid-19 that lives at the global level. In the last few weeks has remained very active on social networks, sharing how he spends his days from home and even showing what would have been your look maternity for the MET Gala, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Your maternity he has not prevented the singer to continue with his musical career. In addition to serving as a judge on the talent program, American Idolthe next may 15 to launch their new single, Daisies.