Kim Kardashian shares a picture of his mother in his youth, and unleash controversy | THE IMPARTIAL


Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her mother Kris Jenner to celebrate this Sunday, Mothers Day and remember a special moment for her.

He said that Jenner never had those photos and to see them cried of happiness. The photo is after you have given birth to Rob Kardashian his only brother.

In your account in Instagram wrote: This is a publication early Mother’s Day to my mother! The best mom in the whole world! I couldn’t wait to give you your gift! Live by presents a sentimental and was so excited when I found the wedding photographer Alfred Garcia, who shot her and my father in 1978. I bought the camera used on the day of your wedding and the photos and made an album for her. I never took those photos, so to see them brought so many tears happy! Happy Mother’s Day mom I love You beyond! And the first picture you posted of yourself in a bikini after giving birth to Rob is the MAIN GOALS! Always in everything you do !!!!!”.

This publication, which amounted to more than 2 million likes, also generated comments found. The photo shows the toned body of Kris but it is unknown how long after having given birth to was the image.

“Being skinny is not a goal, being a good person is.” “Being skinny is not the goal … be confident in your own skin after having babies is the purpose of my mother”, “why do we base GOALS on how thin they can be a woman after giving birth to a human?”.

“Say what you love about your mother. What is their care? Their understanding? Does your unlimited love for you? Oh No, I was skinny and tanned after four babies! GOALS.” Another user dissatisfaction of Twitter wrote.

With information from Yahoo.

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