Lady Gaga and Katy Perry: how rumors of a rivalry?


It could be said that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry they have similar styles: extravagant and eccentric. However, each stamp your seal to excel in the field of music. But, if there is anything that binds, at least until recently, are the rumors of an alleged rivalry that is between them. Yes, still echoes in the international press, the dispute between Taylor Swift and Perry, but everything indicates that it is part of the past.

There is No doubt that Gaga and Katy are fighting for the respect and recognition of the audience: it is both, by coincidence or not, they have been very pairs with their recent music releases. For example, the past February 27, the blonde 33-year-old premiered her single “Stupid Love”. While the brunette did the same to the post “Never worn white” with a clip in which he confessed that she was pregnant with her husband, the actor Orlando Bloom.

However, the battle between the artists continues: it turns out that Katy Perry announced the release of another song called “Daisies” that emerges from the album “#KP5”. While Lady Gaga took to social networking to confirm the release of her plate “Chromatica” that took place on the 29th of may. While the release dates did not coincide –for good fortune– if he called the attention of his followers to the closeness with which each diva was announced their new projects.

Does Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

Although each artist has on his side a legion of admirers, the statistics don’t lie and opt for one of them: “Stupid love,” a sum close to 75 million 252 thousand views on the YouTube platform. On the other hand, “Never worn white”, of Perry, to the high reached 28 million views. However, the numbers in social networks give as a favorite to the singer “I kiss a girl” with 36.9 million followers. While the author of “Bad romance” has 15.8 million.

Now, the blonde knows that launched recently line of products as t-shirts, key chains, water bottles and clothing, with the reason for his latest release recording “Chromatica”. Also, the brunette moved forward by the social networks that will have a daughter in common with Bloom, though so far not to have more details about it. What is clear, is that each one has with the support of their fans at all times.