Let the pinecones! Watch the video that shows the true relationship between Mario and Oscar Casas


The two actors most coveted of Spain, Mario and Oscar Casas, staged a famous challenge in Tik Tok but it was not how the fans had hoped. Do they so badly are?

Tik Tok it became a famous application of entertainment for those who are in the house too much time these last few weeks. The famous challenges are the best opportunity for internet users to gain likes and followers, and the famous do not lose the opportunity.

The Spanish actors, Mario and Oscar Casas, popular for their talent and great beauty, starred in a video for Tik Tok, where, beyond the dance, the fight that almost ends in blows was the one that took all the attention. ¡OMG!

The video premiered to the protagonist of the film Home in Tik Tok and the likes not stopped to fall. The performance of a supposed competition between brothers and sisters, and also to see the tremendous results of the hard exercise in both, allowed to the public Internet delight in a few seconds.

Mario, 33 years old, and Oscar, 21 years of age set fire to the social networks at the dance this typical challenge and step dance genre urban.

The younger one we had already seen in action during a wedding with his girlfriend Begoña Vargas, whose video is viralizó to the end of 2019 and surprised more than one. A family of artists!