Lizzo brings the bag more chiquita in the world to Love them


Lizzo it does not disappoint J-A-M-To-S. The talent revelation of this year and always manages to go one step further, and we are speaking not only be the oldest woman nominated for the editing of the following Grammy; but that in his choice of fashion, always proves to be the MOST avant-garde. Now, the singer showed the world that Jacquemus it is not the only one with the shorter version of an accessory, It Lizzo took the bag is chiquita’s world!, so with this look, the singer Lizzo again imposing with its accessories.

Obviously, this outfit from the American Music Awards was accompanied by a magnificent manicure full of bright for a greater emphasis on the size of this bag, so that all eyes went to the hands of the artist.

Apparently, Valentino is the one in charge of making the bag smaller in the world and according to what is revealed by the own Lizzo, only there are three of these bags in the whole planet!

To increase the curiosity of this accessory, when asked what I could cram into that bag, she revealed its essential: “I have tampons here, a bottle of tequila, and condoms.”

The versatile singer after he performed for the first time in this awards ceremony, and changed their orange look for a dress style dancer to interpret their new track, ‘Jerome’. We love the authenticity and rebellion of Lizzo! Go girl!

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