Margot Robbie and other famous Hollywood star in ‘fight’ virtual


The international quarantine has become one of the perfect venues for artists and celebrities manage ideas online that can entertain all users of social networks. Between concerts virtual, funny videos, challenges, and dynamics, a new challenge has conquered the public.

A group of famous actresses and double Hollywood has teamed up to recreate an epic fight, that connected in a rather ingenious. Almost 40 women participated in this project, which emerged in the middle of the landfill.

“Here it is! It defeating the boredom of confinement with some of the more cool! Ladies, are my heroes,” he wrote Zoë Bell in the photo caption of the IGTV published in your gutter’s official Instagram.

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At the beginning of the video appears the actress ‘once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ by saying that it is very boring and that you want to play with their friends. In that time he gets an idea and throws it at the camera with a strong kick. This action triggers a ‘fight’ virtual among several celebrities who use different implements or tools to defend themselves.

Each of the actresses receives a ‘one strike’ of the chamber, and returns, attacking another of his colleagues between courts of record. This union it shows different spaces, falls, combat moves, skills to interpret this sequence and the way to simulate an aggression.

Among the stars which make part of this five-minute video is: Margot Robbie, Drew Barrymore, Zoe Saldana, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, Rosario Dawson, Halle Berry, Juliette Lewis, Rosie Perez, Florence Pugh, Julia Butters, Tracie Thoms, Lucy Lawless, Tara Macken, Tamiko Brownlee, Amy Johnston, Kim Murphy, Kaitlin Olson, Angela Meryl, Sarah Irwin, Sophia Di Martinoto , among other.

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Several of the fans of these famous of Hollywood have been highlighted winks that were made with regard to the action projects they have been involved in. For example, Margot Robbie appears using a bat similar to his character Harley Queenwhile Lucy Lawless attacks with Chakrams that had Xena, the warrior princess.