Margot Robbie gets lost … and the cold would play this visible trick!


The actress of ‘The Suicide Squad’ or ‘Once upon a time in HollywoodMargot Robbie we are accustomed to be captivated by their simple presence in front of the cameras and the flashes, it is implicit in your rotunda beautybut what is less common in a super star of the mecca of cinema is a spun-like and that has left the light of the world an intimate aspect of their anatomy.

The australian like between the public and the fans -beyond his role as a performer that already we are getting to know more to fund for their ongoing work – by his relaxed nature, chattering, and his perpetual smile. In addition he is a celebrity atypical in many aspects, not falling certain taboos that often accompany the usual inscrutability of the intimate life of the actresses and actors most important in the world.

For example, in some revelations made by the magazine Vanitatis was a reference to his unwillingness, in spite of his roles and his life as a diva global and one of the women most desired in the planetin order to tackle the day-to-day without gastronomic delights as the burgers or the fries. In fact, he never says ‘no’ to any of the two things, except when the rigors of the script so justify. In this sense, one of its other delights is the wine, which tends to enjoy actions of one or two drinks a day.

Yours is a great body to accompany one of the faces most handsome men on the planetbut when it has been put in the skin of Harley Quinn has brought out that if you follow a strict diet to your constitution allows you to have an anatomy perfect. The same as lucia in the presentation of the film Tarantino, few months ago, and where it was more due to a few cold gusts of wind that left a part of your small top when discovered, revealing that the young australian wasn’t wearing underwear. Blessed forgetfulness.