Margot Robbie gives his opinion on the VAR… and really do not like


We are in February 2020, the VAR has been a great topic of conversation for quite some time and, as you will have noted, has caused many disputes.

All have given their opinions about it during this season, and among them were famous personalities such as Diego Maradona, Jose Mourinho, Gary Lineker or Manolo Lama.

We’ve heard it all. “It is wrong…”, “it was time for..”, “VAR brings justice to…”, “that is not a hand”, “that’s not a penalty”,…. What more is there to add about the biggest change that has occurred in the regulation of football since the invention of the cards?

Well, a person whose opinion we have never heard about is Margot Robbie. Does australian actress Margot Robbie? Does the Wolf of Wall Street, and once Upon a time in Hollywood? Yes, the same.

Talking with 90minwhile promoting his latest film, Birds of Prey, in which she appears alongside Chris Messina and Ella Jay Basco, Robbie impressed us all with his opinion on the matter. When we asked, told us: “you Know what? I’m going to say that I don’t like that, (VAR)”.

“I liked him before, when he saw rugby australian and that. I just liked it when the referee was the one that said ‘the collection’ or ‘not in collection'”.

“I feel that now everything takes about 5 minutes and everybody sees it from all angles. It slows down the game. It’s like you have to trust your arbitrator, you know?”.

The rest of the cast also spoke to us of other subjects of football: the tattoo of Leroy Sané in the back (of himself) made everyone laugh, the famous statue of Cristiano Ronaldo (yes that’s the one you’re thinking) and even a surprising confession on the part of Margot.

The actress of 29 years, added that “if he (referee) said that yes, still playing. If they say no, keep playing. In the end, everything is a matter of integrity. For me, the sport depends on the mentality and sportsmanship. It is the spirit of the game, the confidence… and not to fixate on the small details.” Many probably agree with her.

In addition to recognized of which team is amateur, and the curious reason that led her to love those colors: “I’m a fan of Fulham for reasons of marriage. Yes, I’m married to this loyalty to Fulham. My husband is a fan of Fulham. Voló of the united States to England to watch a game and returned to the penalties ended,” added Robbie.

Oh, that, yes, it is love of a few colours!