Marvel Studios made a major change to the character of Salma Hayek in ‘Eternals’


The new superhero team is ready to get to the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU), however, some of his protagonists will have changes in different aspects, for example, Ajak of Salma Hayek will replace Zuras in ‘Eternals’.

Remember that in 2019 was presented to all the actors that conform the group of heroes, among them prominent mexican actress, who will embody a wise eternal of Inca origin, and who will be the leader of the team.

Yes, one of the changes most evident is the gender of the character, however there is another that fans of the comics have come to realize, Ajak replaced as leader Zuras, the Prime Eternal of the story.

According to the comics from Marvel, Zuras is the one who leads the rest of the Eternals, by having the power of Prime Eternal, which makes all of his abilities increase in a way that is indescribable. In addition, this character is the father of Thena and it was who established his people in the earth thousands of years ago in the past.

One of the reasons why this superhero was not included in the live-action is to not have a similarity with the movie Thor. According to the website of Screen Rant, if you would have gotten the original leader of the Eternal in the MCU, it would appear that it was considered a deity by humanity for a very long time, like Odinalso the two beings from other planets who come to earth to protect it.

So, an ideal substitute is Ajak, who is a supporting character in the comic and not have the post of Prime Eternal, however, something that makes it stand out from all the others is that it has the ability to directly communicate with the Heavenly, its creators, a fact that may be relevant in the plot of the film.

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Source: Marvel Comics

Although Ajak Salma Hayek will replace Zuras in ‘Eternals’, Marvel Studios could give you a surprise and introduce him to the MCU in a different way as seen in the pages of the comic. The live-action hit theaters on February 21, 2021.