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Mau & Ricky, the duo of venezuela, formed by the brothers Mauritius and Ricky, sons of the renowned singer Ricardo Montaner, have managed to make their way in the music industry. At a very early age decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, initially in the genre of pop ballads, to then give a twist to the urban beats.

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The duo has achieved recognition as songwriters and producers for artists such as Ricky Martin, Thalia, Becky G., etc, today it is considered one of the most prominent on the musical scene. From his home in Miami where they meet the quarantine is established because of the Covid-19, launched ‘love Me’, her latest single with the looking to brighten up their followers in times of uncertainty. The duo answered a few questions The Republic

What was the vision they had of his career in his early years when stressed as producers before to get the recognition from the public?

– M: it Was difficult to enter the music market. We spent 10 years doing this race without success, as they say. In a moment of frustration, we think only to devote ourselves to the production, but decided to continue, keep trying and we finally got to enter the market as singers.

– R: Make music to the listen to the people and if there is anyone on the other side listening, it feels as if it were running on a treadmill, doing a lot of work, but without coming to anything.

How difficult is it to stay in the music market where the competitiveness in the genre of the urban is strong?

– R: One has to be taking music very often and bringing something different always. I think that today with so many options is a little more difficult to get the attention of the public with so many options that you have, but it is a game that we play, without a doubt.

– M: just As we love what we do. When you exit a song and one sees how people receive, that is the most important. We try to that competition do not feel as such at all, but with ourselves. We recently launched the song ‘love Me’, which has had good acceptance, and that pleases us. What we do makes us feel that we are growing as artists, we always try to propose something different.

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How much influence his father in his musical career?

– M: Full, and not only in our career in the music and our growth as composers, but also in our training. Recently I have seen my father teach my sobrinito to write songs and it reminded me of the moments to do the same with us. Without a doubt, thanks to him is that we have been able to write songs for other artists, still unknown.

– R: That seed that he planted in us and that love that was given to him to teach us, motivated us a lot.

How to live the quarantine to cause the coronavirus?

– R: we Follow all the recommendations of the health and we keep in contact with our public. Do interviews using the technology, but we are also in a creative moment very cute, making music.

– M: All that is happening is very horrible, but the truth is that I have tried to take the nice thing to all this that is happening. The time that we have now to make music is not what we have had in a long time, so that’s cute too, and enjoy the family.

What do you think will be the consequences, who will leave the coronavirus in the music industry?

– M: it is Impossible to know. The artists are not going to be able to travel to other countries to have that contact with people. Are the concerts live, but that’s never going to replace a live concert, does not compare. I have seen some gigs that way and I can assure you that is not the same as seeing your favorite artist live and sing with him.