May 10: Five films on Netflix that you can see in the Da of the Mothers


May 10, To celebrate during the quarantine

Films to enjoy at home with mam on this, may 10.

During the confinement by the coronavirus, this Gives Mothers will have to celebrate avoiding to leave the house to avoid putting at risk our loved ones. However, that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to be boring, as that in the home can make a huge amount of activities to have a good time on the 10th of may.

For example, see a maratn of films that are probably in the taste of the mams of Mexico is an excellent idea. Because of this, in BRAND Clear we recommend five films that you can find on Netflix to enjoy, with the mothers.

A great cast headed by Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts star in this comedy-drama that focuses, precisely, on one of the Mothers, where the characters will pass a number of events that must be overcome.

In this comedy based on a book, three friends who feel abandoned in the Da of the Mother decide to visit their children, who are now older age and they don’t know exactly what to find them when you arrive at your destination.

Again a comedy based on a free, that tells the story of a teenage overweight that you enroll in a competition organized by his mother, who was a beauty queen in her youth. This is another feature-length film starring the famous Jennifer Aniston.

A fun comedy that shows a mother who has divorced, who joins two other to be released from their responsibilities and do what they want. Highlights the actuacin of Mila Kunis.

After age of fifty years, a girl goes out to celebrate with her friends by the wine route in the Napa Valley, where vivirn great adventures and jokes.

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