Miki Núñez: “During my adolescence, what I wanted most was to be Zac Efron” | Music


With a smile always on the face, Miki Núñez it has become one of the artists that the more good vibes we generate with your music. We met him thanks to the academy of Operación Triunfo 2018where got the public in the pocket for your values and your spontaneity. In addition, although the young Catalan was not the end of the program, became the representative of Eurovision 2019 with The Blindfold.

Now, a year after that performance, Miki launches I worth, a subject moved with rhythms, pop and touches of ska that you love. “The idea of the song is that sometimes we are too much of a perfectionist and, suddenly, someone arrives at your life, you remove all the plans and everything you are worth,” tells the singer about the lyrics in the last #YoMeQuedoEnCasaConLOS40 with David Alvarez.

Time to announce the single on their social networks, Miki said it was one of the songs in which it had been stripped. “I am one of those who get in the river to see where that takes me, although, obviously, if I’m going to drown, unemployment”, says about that simile that was used to announce the theme.

The theme was born out of a campus of composition organized by Universal Music. There he met Jimmy and Diego in the group Twenty-one, who credited the song: “We were a day in Madrid about ten in the morning and six in the afternoon we had finished, he had fluid all in all very good.”

Its facet of actor and director

With I Worth, Miki Nunez made his debut as a director. The extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves have forced you to have that record at home with your own mobile phone: “this Is the first time that I address, but I have had a lot of help: my brother and Albert Marcos, to whom I have given a lot of hassle”. It also mentions the amount of tape that has been used to record all of the plans: “I’ve been without zeal”.

But I Worth it is not the only song that he has recorded these days of confinement at home. Last march, Miki shared a video singing The start of something newone of the themes of High School Musical. David wanted to know if this musical is one of your favorites. “Yes, in fact, during my adolescence, did not desire anything more than to be Zac Efron: dance, sing, and be just as handsome than him,” said the interpreter Amuza.

We are not surprised that Miki is compared with the Hollywood star, and that is that if it were not a singer, just as we have confessed, we would like to have been an actor: “I Did theatre a few and if I have time, I would very much like to take it up again, because it is something that I love”

On the group of WhatsApp

Alba Reche told us that in the group of WhatsApp that you have with your co-Operation Triunfo 2018 was the most sent stickers. Now, the time has come to know if Miki is the one who speaks in that chat or leave you in seen.

“I always echo the anger to Joan Garrido because no ever answers. But the last few weeks, with this video clip, I looked at the group and had 300 messages. I thought of reading it at night and then had eight hundred”, begins by telling us. “We have a tradition on these days all”, continues telling us.

During the quarantine, with the that more is speaking of is with Alba Reche and with Joan: “Joan because Joan and Dawn because we had two tour these days and tried to help us.”

Is to fulfill a year of his performance at Eurovision

This month of may marks a year since Miki Nunez will represent Spain in Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv. The Band became an anthem for the eurofans, although not had very good luck in the voting. “The only thing that had changed is the country where it is held by all the conflict there is,” tells Miki.

“I think that I’m never going to be so excited and thrilled that when I was in the Eurovision song contest”, says Miki on that performance. “It is still more brutal than you think, you can’t describe,” he recalls.

But it would not be Eurovision to the place where you would go if you could travel back in time. The singer has confessed that she would go to when I was eight years old: “My mother, for my birthday, gave me a package of felt pens. I started to cry because I was expecting something else and I told him I didn’t want it. Then I regretted it very much. Would the time to say thank-you to my mother.”

In addition, Miki has faced our game of what you prefer. Yes, this time we have ported very well.