Mother’s day in the USA: Billie Lourd pays homage to Carrie Fisher and the Avengers to their families

Although in Spain the mother’s day is celebrated on the first Sunday of may in many countries of the world is the second of that month, among them U.S. That’s why this 10th day of may, all of Hollywood has been to remember and pay tribute to their mothers and couples, especially on Instagram, where they have hung from the photos the more emotional of the funniest, yes, always respecting social distancing. Both Taylor Swift, our favorite cat in ‘Cats’, as Liam Hemsworth has used pictures of when they were young, the singer with a video of the 1990’s chatting with his mother and the actor with a photo adorable, and a brief message of congratulation.

With a lot of humor in the photos, Justin Timberlake you have shared a beautiful message for his wife Jessica Biel, with whom he had a child in 2015: “Continuous complet├índome each day. This family works thanks to you and your soul. It is a dream to share it with you. Your boys want you.”.

But a day like this can be complicated to those people who have lost their mothers, and more if we add confinement to the equation. Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher and grand-daughter of Debbie Reynolds, has taken advantage of this day not only to remember his mother, but also to send encouragement to those who are suffering on a date so specified. With a black and white photo of small with Fisher carrying a nose of a clown and a huge smile, Lourd explains how he has remembered and paid tribute to the late star of ‘Star Wars’ this 10 may.

“Send my love to anyone who has lost a mother and to anyone else who may be having a mother’s day difficult this year. This is my 4th Mother’s Day without my Momby and days like today are never easy, but I discovered that doing things that make me feel more connected with it makes it a little easier: watch your favorite movies, listen to music that you listened to together, look at old photos and personally my favorite thing: eating and drinking things that she loved. (Today I’m going to see ‘Postcards from the edge’, I will listen to Tom Petty and Dire Straits, I will eat a mozzarella fried from The Scala and a couple of Coca-Colas with a number of aggressive ice). Happy Mother’s Day, but Mother’s Day can be more than a single adjective: sad Day in the Mother / stranger Mother’s Day / fun Mother’s Day / Mother’s Day mad / or any combination of the above.”. Fisher died in 2016 of a cardiac arrest a few days after having an emergency on board an international flight.

Billie Lourd pays homage to Carrie Fisher

The Avengers celebrate their mothers, and their partners

Neither were to be less the group of superheroes dearest from the movie. The Avengers original have also taken advantage of social networks to remember its progenitor, and to pay homage to the mothers of their sons and daughters. Well, all except Scarlett Johansson, who does not have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Jeremy Renner (hawkeye) have chosen to Instagram to share emotional messages to the women in their lives, being especially personal the text of Ruffalo, to his wife:

“This mother’s day, more than ever, we are going to honor all the women who raised the children who will inherit the world”

“Happy mother’s day to my mother’s star, Valerie. Would not be who I am without you and I am grateful every day for your love and your advice”

“Happy mother’s day to all the mothers amazing that there are out there, we salute you”.

To my heroine. Always keeps us united. An advocate fierce of their children, always present no matter how difficult that made things. Happy mother’s day, Sunny. It is not easy to be a mother and one day a year is not enough to celebrate all the work that entails and how grateful we should be. You want. Thank you for everything you do”.

“Happy mother’s day, mama. Thank you for bringing me to this beautiful world and for making us in your beautiful world. You love to be a mother. I also appreciate your care and that creyeses in me when no one else did. Thank you for making to continue acting. I love you so much”.

“Happy mother’s day”