New Lion investigates another possible outbreak of COVID-19 in asylum; there is a dead


Another possible outbreak of COVID-19 was recorded in a nursing home in Nuevo León, so that the health authorities of the entity determined to review the 102 nursing homes that there are in the town.

The Secretariat of Health reported that it is studying the possible outbreak after a person of 87 years in an asylum, you do not have permission to operate, was admitted to the Metropolitan Hospital with breathing problems and died Saturday.

“The deceased person is carried out the test, as well as to the other 6 residents of the place, and is presently awaiting the results,” he said in a statement.

In addition, it was announced that the asylum will be closed as we do not have permits to operate and the rest of the seniors will be transferred to facilities of the dependence.

“We’re going to be more strict and to suspend the homes and to fine them with a considerable amount because it is a very important responsibility that people have who have that kind of facilities which are not regulated by the law”, reported the secretary of Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos.

On 6 may, the authorities of Health of Nuevo Leon confirmed 50 positive cases COVID-19 in an asylum.

New Lion overcame this Saturday, as the thousand cases of COVID-19 to arrive at 1,015.

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