Nicki Minaj meets with his exmánager and announces a new seal

Nicki Minaj is bastantee disappeared, but from time to time when it comes to the media to give us some interesting news.

This time it has been sitting with his exmánager Fendi in its program podcast to show you all of your support, because even though they had crash long time ago, now have a very good relationship.

Nicki Minaj also managed their differences with their exmánager

Is over, Nicki, says that “he fought a lot for his career”because it pretty much was Fendi who discovered it after seeing it in the series “the Eat Up” and Lil Wayne always took all the credit.

In the interview he said that “I felt that had not received credit for his work,” but Minaj explained to him that success came after, that their problems have gone before.

But it is all a thing of the past and that is why he has chosen the Big Fendi Podcast to announce that he is working on his own record label, to give you the opportunity to succeed to rappers and singers worthwhile.

Onika has been said that “did not created it before because don’t want to do it only for the money“so that has confirmed it is “looking for talent”.

It also ensures that “you still feel the same passion and love for music that 15 years ago”, when it jumped to the scene, and that it “continues to work on his album,” in which you want to find a balance “between his personality and what people listen to now”.

Nicki did not want to close the conversation without talking about the hard work they have to do the women with dark skin to get high in any career, ensuring that “it is aware of what is happening around you.”

What is clear is that Nicki Minaj is always honest in his interviews and that there’s still a lot of war to givealthough no longer as active networks. If you want to know a little more of your life, hit the play below.

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