Niurka celebrates the Day of Mothers within a swimming pool with a tiny bikini


After receiving some surprises of their children, the cuban delighted his followers on Instagram with tiny garments

Niurka celebrates the Day of Mothers within a swimming pool with a tiny bikini

Niurka Marcos

Miguel Larrauri / Agency Reform

From the afternoon of Saturday, Niurka started the celebrations for the Mothers day with a rousing serenade of his youngest son, Emilio Osorio, who accompanied their father was pleasantly surprised to the vedette.

Dress with a smoking black, the singer offered a song to her mom, and although the detail was stopped due to the rain, Niurka thanked with an emotional message: “Congratulations my love, you did a great job I love you I’m proud of you….. And your dad was gentle and loving I love the two“.

The surprises did not end there, as this Sunday she received several gifts from his three sons, who surrounded her in love during the early hours of may 10.

Thanks love mine for both… are all of my reasons, my reasons and my challenges“ he wrote next to a photograph that seems to be accompanied by their three children.

The celebration continued during the afternoon, and dressed in a tiny bikini, black color, Niurka delighted to his first million followers with that account Instagram while it gives a well-deserved dip in the Mothers day.

In the video I shared the cuban you can see him sitting inside a small inflatable pool, while wet their shapely arms.

Before the end of the day, Romina surprised once more to her famous mom with a huge floral arrangement with the one that thanked him for being the best mom.