No fights! Taylor Swift and Katy Perry…. Do you work on a new song?


For a long time, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry kept a rivalry out of control, where is sent indirect through social networks or even to compete in releases (today, ‘Swish swish’ of Katy Perry is still considered an anthem of war on the part of Katy Perry to Taylor Swift). However, thanks to life and that human beings can mature and leave things behind, everything seems to indicate that things between the two talented artists finally have calmed down. In fact, Katy Perry I’ll send you a few leaves of the olive tree to Taylor Swift in a sign of peace, which she accepted with grace in their social networks and things seem to be quieter and better than ever.

There were other times!

And even, Katy Perry appeared in the video of Taylor Swift, ‘You need to Calm Down’, in the guise of chips and a burger, showing that already the rivalries are of the last decade, many thanks.

Well, the rumors of their friendship renewed have been so strong and well received, that the fans are already thinking that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are working on a new song. Up to now, all are theories, but we already know how are the fans: you see those signs that is not any mortal can see.