Oh the kissing! Demi Lovato was happy with the new theme of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande


For nobody is a secret that Demi Lovato he has had to recover from very difficult situations in their life. From the aspect of health, of singing, of the physical and even the heart. The diva of 27 years you have been heart broken a couple of times. Your relationship most commented has been with Wilmer Valderrama, and then saw him with a young model, Austin Wilson, but the love was fleeting.

Now, the singer of 27 years has left the discovered in social networks your relationship status: you’re so in love! And the evidence is submitted. It turns out that the singer of “give me the blame” posted on Instagram a video with his partner, Max Ehrich. Everything points to that they are going through together quarantine. But in the clip they look very in love: dance to the rhythm of the new song of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande “Stuck With U”; great friends of Lovato since the time of Disney.

Part of the message of Demi on the popular social network of the little camera was the following: “Happy to be a part of something so special in these moments. Very, but very happy, if it had not been noticed…”. However, he closed his text with the tag #stuckwithu. In the meantime, Max is recognized for being an actor, dancer and american singer of 28 years. In addition, she has had several nominations thanks to his work as “Award Daytime Emmy” for “Best Young Actor” in “Dramatic Series”.

Demi Lovato believes in love

In a previous note published in The Uncompromisingas it had been said that the interpreter of “Sorry not sorry” he had a careless impossible to hide on social networks. Well, the diva was very well accompanied during the confinement required by the pandemic Covid-19. But it was a mistake! The musician opted to record an Instagram Live, and could not hide the fact that they are together for a long time. Is that the artist wanted to warn his girl who was in a transmission but she did not listen.

In both, ignoring the situation, Demi Lovato wanted to cover Max with a blanket to protect it. However, the diva departed from the cameras to avoid being seen by the fans after the reaction of his boyfriend. Immediately, fans jumped on social networks to congratulate you on your new love affair. Later, Max, between laughs, he told viewers the following: “Well, boys, I have to go. I want it!” Although intended to cover all, their fans were already excited by the good news.