“Paulina de la Mora” send message for Mothers Day


“Paulina de la Mora”, a character that brings to life the mexican actress Cecilia Suárez in the series “House of flowers”, he returned after the end of the series, to congratulate the mothers in the framework of his day and to invite people to not leave your house, even if they are very excited about the commemoration of the date.

In a video shared on the networks of Cecilia, “Paulina de la Mora”, expressed with his slow way of talking: “Oh hello! Well, apparently we can not undo, nor you of me, nor I of you, in the end. I tell them that I’m nervous, oh well! One, because I see the gray hairs, but this quarantine does not give truce. Even though you already said Salma Hayek, that there is that presumirlas, no way, at the right time on a good face”.

In the message, the character is said to excited because “Brunito“, (Luis de la Rosa) and “María José”, (Paco León), you are going to celebrate, and vice versa, “Brunito“and she festejarán “María José”, as both are mothers: “I wanted to take advantage to congratulate all the moms, especially to say thank you as we hang on to the daughters, the sons, and not to mention the husbands, mercy”.

“Pauline”, asks the people not to leave their homes, even if they grasp the emotion for Mothers Dayeven the mention of the campaign, entitled “This 10 of may, not chin… to your mother. Do not expose, take care and don’t go to visit her. Don’t go out”.

“Oh don’t make me laugh! Do you already forgot how you talk? Very hit chest isn’t it? For, as says the campaign, I remain in your house, please. Happy day to all the moms!€, completed “Paulina de la Mora”, who at the start of the confinement by COVID-19, also was blunt in asking people to respect the measures recommended by the health authorities.