Philip VI spent more than 15,000 euros in this whim of the queen Letizia

Felipe VI

May 10, 2020
(13:25 CET)

The Spanish royal house is one of the most criticized during the crisis of the coronavirus. There are many who have referred to the secrecy with which they operate in Zarzuela the kings of Spain, Felipe VI and Letizia.

While in other royal houses Europe have posted videos of teleconferences between members of the family, or sending messages to the nation, Letizia and Felipe have been limited to be photographed while maintaining distance conferencing with relevant institutions.+

Leonor and Sofia, the only face to face

In fact, the only that has been talking to the spaniards have been to the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia. What made the day April 23,on the occasion of the fourth edition of the reading clouds of don Quixote. And the message, written by Felipe and Letizia, was regarded as “cold”, “artificial” and “little sense”.

It is fair to say that, for a lot of criticism that they receive, the thing will not happen there. it is difficult to imagine to Felipe and Letizia keeping a video call with the emeritus Juan Carlos I and Sofia, or with the princesses Cristina and Elena. Don’t have to explain at what point is the family relationship.

Even so, the that the monarchs will only let you register while performing the above-mentioned conferences, it does not mean that they don’t leave details curious of which to speak.

The whim of 15,000 euros of Letizia

For example, that Letizia he has mounted his own firm, called Room Magnoliawith the white color immaculate as leit motive. A space that have called attention, to the margin of that Letizia need of a dispatch individual for what in a Zarzuela called “work”, the chairs available.


A few chambers in the that have been posted in The Spanish language and of those who have given some details. Specifically, they are of a design made by the architects Charles and Ray Eamesand they were created in 1958 to a collector in north america. They are called Aliminium Chair and, attention, each one costs 2.600 euros.

And eye, because it has six. We doubt that will be filled. What we can confirm is that only these elements of the office of Letizia already involve the whopping 15,600 euros.