Racism and incest: the serious allegations of Halle Berry to her ex-husband


When the marriage between two famous people goes south and the private matters they happen to have that fixed in the courts, the efforts to maintain armored war legal face to face with the media are essential to avoid the intimacies and relationship problems, serious are aired in public and the image of celebrities can be damaged so sometimes irreparable. However, this is not always achieved.

And now, almost a decade after the fight court maintained the custody of her daughter, actress Halle Berry and her then-husband, Gabriel Aubryseveral of the papers have been revealing the strong allegations that did the interpreter to your husband throughout this process, and that Berry was looking for the girl of both, Nahla, could move with her to France at the root of started out with the actor Olivier Martinez (which by the way, Aubry would come to the hands a little later in the California home of actress).

It has been the means Radar.com the one that has managed to make with this delicate material, which includes, among other things, the statements made Berry in Court about the racist attacks and the psychological damage that he suffered during his relationship with the canadian model. In addition, the artist also ensures that your then husband maintained an affair with a member of their own family.

According to the testimony of the actress, Aubry will made numerous racial slurs during the time in which they were partner (2005 to 2010) and he refused to acknowledge the little Nahla as biracial. In addition, the actress claimed that the adventure incestuous in which was wrapped her former husband, and that it lasted “years”, caused psychological damage and ruined his sex life: “After the first six months of relationship, our sex life decreased and a year after we only acostábamos least three times a year.”