Shakira writes an emotional message for mothers day on Instagram


Shakira you are located in Spain, due to the social isolation caused by the pandemic COVID-19 and, in both, is far from his motherjust on a date on which it is celebrated and, in most cases, it is close to them to show our appreciation and affection. For this reason, the colombian singer wanted to send a emotional message through his account of Instagram to all those mothers who have their children away from home and, above all, to those women who are working on the front line to fight the crisis by coronavirus that affects the whole world.

‘In this Mother’s day we appreciate more than ever the value of a hug. All mothers that as mine for the confinement are far off and to those who are in the front line in the hospitals and health centers, all of our love and gratitude for all that you have done and continue to do for us’, he wrote Shakira at the foot of a video message in which he reiterates his gratitude to all mothers on this special day that, while it should not be assumed as a day of collective love, it is a way of demonstrating the affection that he has for those women who were able to guide our steps, whether or not of blood.

Shakira load in her arms to her son Milan.

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‘It is the day of the mothers, so they must eat all their vegetables, be punctual at the time of going to bed and without complaining, and give their mothers a big hug, because this is what we want…and mothers den a bear hug to their children, since these moments are so complicated their children have been a few true champions. All my love goes to you and, especially, mothers working in the front line’, continues Shakira as part of the message decided to deliver video to all mothers in their day.

Shakira she is the mother of Sasha, 5 years old and from Milan with 7 years, the result of its relationship with the Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, who have shared these days of confinement in his home in Spain, followed by a loving snapshot with them, while culminate a day of play or do their homework and she decides to study some diploma course short, for example, in Philosophy.