Sharon Osbourne confesses how much we have been hurt by the addiction of their children


The wife of Ozzy Osbourne opened his heart about the great difficulties that this has brought to his family

The famed Sharon Osbourne, collaborator, and television celebrity in and of itself, has not hesitated to be honest about the way in which their children, Jack and Kelly, managed to romperle the “heart” at the end of fall, years ago, in the same addiction to alcohol and drugs that marked a good part of his father’s career, the blue rock thrush Ozzy Osbourne, who to this day enjoys a style of life much more healthy after suffering various health problems in recent times.

“We have a career, family and drug dependence to the drink, one that is not exactly encouraging. I have the impression that [mis hijos] they saw their father go through some very hard things, and in principle they did not want to try it… But then things ended very badly. It broke my heart to see them in a similar situation,” acknowledged Sharon in his interview with the podcast Dax Shepard, hinting that an attitude to something more permissive to moderate consumption of these substances you could have avoided an extreme situation.

Fortunately, the history of abuse by their now thirties shoots is now a thing of the past and, in that sense, the matriarch of the clan is delighted with the strength of will exhibited in their respective recovery processes. Without going any further, Kelly Osbourne celebrated openly to his followers of social networks its second consecutive year of sobriety.

However, the damage and the suffering are still very much present in the mind of Sharon, up to the point of admitting that all of the experiences that have made her a woman more cautious of what was before and constantly alert. “Call me conservative, but I can no longer approve the use of these things for recreational purposes. If it is under medical supervision, in that case I’ll accept it”, it has sentenced.