Snoop Dogg insults Tekashi 6ix9ine networks


Tekashi 6ix9ine return the medium with your simple “GOOBA” the May 8after that the journalist Hip-hop Elliott Wilson, share the cover of the simple in his Stories of Instagram, Snoop and Meek Mill were quick to jump to the comments section and tell the fundador Rap Radar how they felt.

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Snoop echoed a sentiment of abhorrence by typing: “You should stop posting that rat on all these means of communication, what causes the complaints to be great. I am of the old school, shit, 69 and all pushing your line at this time in New York city are shit, siénteme on this and if it is not so jodete you too”.

During the session record IG Live of 6ix9ineis disculó by “Be a snitch”but said that she would not feel bad about it, he simply did what he had to do. He also had some words for other artists that have been criticized.

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If a rat came into your house and did more numbers than I, I would also be angry. You wouldn’t like. I promise you that I’d be mad. You have every reason to be angry. No matter how much dirt to throw on my name and I saw it all: they all want to be silent now. For two years, they all made fun of me.. I Still came home and I am a legend at the age of 24 years because I got home and the rat is doing more numbers than you”.

Meek recently, I compare it to 6ix9ine with the “rat” that killed Nipsey Hussle. 6ix9ine he replied and said that he was worried about her newborn son, not by a “mexican hair of the rainbow”.