So it would look Henry Cavill as Superman in ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’


Posts to imagine how it would look Henry Cavill as a Superman vintage, a fan of the superhero of the layer has been characterized as one of the protagonists of the film Wonder Woman 1984, that is now ready for its premiere when the crisis of the pandemic, the coronavirus permits.

Elegant, as always, and with the suit more shiny than ever, the superhero appears talking on a red phone sitting on a bed with a mirror as a headboard. What would be talking with Wonder Woman? We will have to wait for the premiere of the film, but it seems that it is only a fantasy of a fan with a lot of talent for the artistic design.

Starring Gal Gadot, and continuation of the Wonder Woman 2017, the tape faces this time Diana Prince with Cheetah, a villain with a strength and agility superhuman. Directed by Patty Jenkins again, hopes to repeat that success, when it was one of the films most tellers of the year with 821 million dollars raised.

The premiere was planned for the 5th of June, but Warner Bros has delayed a couple of month and it could be the 14 of August. Aesthetic very ochentera and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor back. Also become Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright as Hippolyta, mother of Diana, and Antiope, his mentor. The evil Cheetah, the construed Kristen Wiig, and this character is, without a doubt, the most deadly of the adventures of the heroine in comics, always eager to eat human flesh. In the movie, the alter ego of the Cheetah will be Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist with the british. And, finally, the chilean Pedro Pascal will be Maxwell Lord, a ruthless industrialist who used his great fortune to accumulate power and influence, account Frames.

Henry Cavill, for its part, in the end there will be the new Wolverine, but yes will be in Squadron 42, that will begin filming in the next few months, and in Enola Holmes, in that will give life to the detective Sherlock Holmes.