Surprising before-and-after Nicky Minaj Does it Really is it? Look at the surgeries done!


Singer Nicky Minaj is one of the most famous in the world of rap. Undoubtedly, with more than 16 years of experience, there is nothing that can destroy it. How or if? Is viralizaron photos that mark a sharp before-and-after of the artist. It doesn’t seem it!

Nicky Minaj he began his career as a rapper for 16 years: he started recording mixtapes to be released and get the opportunity of someone overhearing, and will try to burn a disc.

Mixtures of Nicki Minaj began to gain some popularity in the year 2007, when he was still a kid. Now, she has 37 years old, and nothing the for; for example, their final single together to Karol G, ‘Tusa’, was a real success.

But in the last few hours, several haters they made it clear that Nicky Minaj was not always the talent and the beauty that characterizes it in these times: when she was just Onika Tanya Maraj (her real name), passed unnoticed among the young people of your age.

Nicki Minaj has gone through the surgeon a few times and has been touched up not only parts of his body but also his face: rhinoplasty, brow lift, modification of the cheekbones and eyelids, the fine-tuning of the chin, implants, front and back, botox injections and collagen, and liposuction.

That does not leave of side that, despite this great physical transformation evident with old photos of the young rapper, his talent is real and very good, cheered by the entire world and with thousands of followers on social networks and digital platforms. Amazing!