Thalia breaks as a DJ with “Tusa” in TiKTok


The singer Thaliathrough your account in TikTok it premiered as a DJ by using a video that has been done viral in which he managed to cause a sensation with your audience to achieve to mix the melody Tusa of Karol G in collaboration with Nicki Minajwith another beat that makes retumben the speakers of any computer sounds.

The actress also, he played DJ while I had headphones and was spinning to a mouse that seemed to overtake the song for it to sound the silence in which they all go nuts with the boom and chorus of the song.

Triumphs as a DJ

While I was in a study, the interpreter of Marimar drank from a beer bottle which he filled with water, taking the pose and gestures that a Dj does live as to rotate the disk, raise the bass or treble of a song or prepare for the next song to mix.

The surprise of his two public

To the surprise of its nearly three million followers in TikTok, the people that I was acclimating Thalia, were figures of action of superheroes as Batman, Superman, Thorthe Captain Americaamong others superheroes while it sounded like an audio pre-recorded of the Tusa with the cry of men singing in chorus the melody of Karol G.

Then, you notice the excitement of Thalia by turn on the track with the melody that mad men and women in Latin america.

The publication reaches 2.1 million likes and the two thousand 19 comments on the part of the user, showing his taste for the video and praising the artist.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico