That’s really amazing! The mother of Danna Paola looks an impressive figure in bikini


Though Danna Paola it is a music superstar, little is known about his mother, the lady Patricia Munguia, who has opted not to hog the cameras. However, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the singer has posted several photos with her.

Recently Danna Paola he shared how he saw his mom when he was young, and two years ago published in Instagram a photo in which she appears with her and her sister, Vania, on the beach. Surprises the fact of the spectacular figure that shows off the lady Munguia, wearing a bikini and green pareo.

In his most recent publication, Danna Paola he wrote the following message: “My home, my support and inspiration. I love you, I admire you and you infinite mom… Thank you for so much, for pushing me to fulfill every dream, without you nothing would make sense… ❤️”

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