The 5 movies that were a failure at the box office in the last year


Some film productions that seemed to be a success ended up sinking at the box-office by the poor reviews received.

Madrid, may 10 (EuropaPress).– With a 2020 unusual, since the crisis of the coronavirus will cause the figures of the benefits in box office they are very different to other years, tap remember what were the big failures at the box office film in 2019.

In the past year, several fiascoes as Hellboy, Playmobil: The movie, The goldfinch, Tolkien or Serenity. However, none of them has managed to enter the list of the largest failures commercialsince none of these productions had a budget too high and their losses are not triggered large holes on economic in their respective companies.


Cost of production: $ 200 million

Box office: 252.4 million dollars

Estimated losses: $ 133 million

Despite rival Terminator: Destiny dark to have the dubious honour of being the biggest commercial failure of the year, the farewell of the saga X-Men not managed to avoid this title. An exit by the back door, to be Dark Phoenix one of the deliveries weakest in the franchise and a farewell bitter for a saga so important to the cinema of superheroes.


Production cost: 196 million

Box office: 261.1 million dollars

Estimated losses: $ 130 million

Finally the return of Terminator he managed to avoid being considered the biggest failure of the year, although by very little. Despite having Tim Miller, the director of Deadpooland Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor, the public showed little receptive to this revival, according to highlights Deadline, could have been sentenced permanently to the saga.

3.- CATS

Cost of production: $ 100 million

Box office: 75.4 millions of dollars

Estimated losses: 113.6 million dollars

It was one of the last premieres of the year, although it has not prevented him from becoming one of the biggest fiascoes in commercial, 2019. Since its first trailer could intuit that he was going to be a failure. A characterization of dubious quality, visual effects that had to be changed at the last minute and a few musical scenes that in its transfer to film does not work. The latest statements of Judi Dench on the film are a good reflection of what has led to this adaptation even to its protagonists.


Production cost: 138 million dollars

Box office: 173.5 million of dollars

Estimated losses: $ 111 million

Project Gemini it was a project rescued, since his script was discarded in 1997. Its strong investment in visual effects does not compensate for a plot piece than has been seen several times in the film, in which an actor plays two versions (one older and the other younger). Will Smith, who came out of the success of Aladdin, could recoup with Bad Boys for Life but Ang Lee has already accumulated two failures business followed.


Cost of production: $ 100 million

Box office: 26.2 million

Estimated losses: 101 million dollars

Unlike the other productions, Mr. Link: The source lost earned itself the recognition from the critics (it won the Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar in the best animated film) but a great erratic marketing campaign can cause even the movies craft end up crashing at the box office. The commercial failure of Mr. Link got in trouble at Laika, is the only major animation studio american that has a stake in the stop-motion.