The 5 women of Zac Efron sexiest


The actor has been with celebrities very sexy, here you can find some of them

The 5 women of Zac Efron sexiest

Zac Efron.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Zac Efron it is one of the actors most handsome of the artistic medium, from its beginnings in the productions of Disney has been known for being not only talented, but quite a gentleman and has been involved with the most beautiful women on the show. Here we leave the more sensual.

1. Vanessa Hudgens

The relationship that began in 2005 ended five years later. Vanessa and Zac met on the set of High School Musical and while there ended up in bad shape, lost touch with the time. Both followed in the artistic world.

2. Emma Roberts

It was a fleeting romance that had made at mid-year 2010. He began to frequent and on several occasions they were seen together, however did not come to establish anything serious.

3. Emily Ratajkowski

Shared credits on the tape We are your friends and many made sure that they were in a secret relationship, because she had a partner at that time. Although not proven, it is said that on the set felt the sexual tension.

4. Lily Collins

Their relationship was serious, however, only lasted half a year. They looked together at the cinema and on one occasion in Disneyland. They accepted the best way it to rupture.

5. Alexandra Daddario

Had casual encounters while they worked together in the movie Baywatchthey saw once in a while for meetings and events. Never were official, but they looked very well together.