The actress cuban-american Bella Thorne confesses that he would like to look more Latin


The actress cuban-american Bella Thorne they showed pride in the cuban heritage that has thanks to his father’s family, although he confessed that he would like to have the skin and the darker hair to look more Latin.

“To be a cuban / latino in the eyes of most people, it means to have dark eyes, dark hair and dark skin, I am naturally blonde, I have brown eyes”, said Bella, that avoid tanning as much as you would like because you have a history of skin cancer in your family.

The 22-year old man, who was unveiled by the series of Disney Shake It Upsaid, “I would like to have a look more latino to be able to feel more Latin and be able to feel closer to my father and carry my heritage on my skin.”

“Sometimes it’s hard when nobody thinks that you are who you are … and they all want you to be anything else,” he concluded.

The actress, who debuted last year as a director in the film industry for adults, and that tends to generate controversy with some frequency in their networks, by his bold opinions, he accompanied his words with a video that we put a filter to make your skin look a little darker and proudly showed off their curves.

Bella was awarded the prize of Visionary for his short film Her & His with Pornhub –the platform of pornography to the world’s largest– which debuted as a director and to receive the award said that it is working to improve the security and the role of women in the industry.

The actress cuban-american, who is currently enjoying the success of his film The babysitting on Netflix, has starred in several scandals in the networks to report that he had suffered psychological abuse and sexual since I was a child, and has been embroiled in disputes by pleading publicly pansexual, that is to say, that it has no preference for any gender or sex in particular, and to say that smoking marijuana makes life easier.