The child gets to the queen Letizia in a mess when you do this with your mother famous

May 10, 2020
(11:02 CET)

Little by little the curve of the pandemic coronavirus be pulled down in Spain. There are areas of the peninsula that have advanced to the phase 1 of the desescalada. And although there is still a long way to go, it seems that the situation will be controlling.

Spain remains the second country with the most infected, with a total of 262.783 patients detected. Ahead is United Statesthat accumulates 1.347.318 cases. But the numbers of deaths is already stabilized. With 26.478our country has gone from being the second with more deaths to be the third, and soon will be overtaken by Francethat accumulates at the time of writing these lines 26.310 deaths.

Starts the desescalada

Meanwhile, a few days ago the Government coalition Pedro Sanchez has begun to lower the pressure. On the one hand, this week has been given the green light to some communities to switch to the phase 1 the desescalada. Meanwhile, it’s been a couple of weeks that the children can go out to the street accompanied by an adult.

Something that many spaniards are passed through the lining (and is still happening), but others will respect you to the fullest. For example, Maria Zurita, the king’s cousin Felipe VI and daughter of the sister of the emeritus Juan Carlos, Margarita de Borbón and Carlos Zurita.

Maria Zurita, contrary to Letizia

Marythat is a single mother, went for a walk with the little Carlosby respecting the security measures. Keeping the distance and checking that your child does not mix with other children.

Maria Zurita, Carlos confinement

Carlos Maria Zurita

A fact that has put under the spotlight to the queen Letizia and Felipe VI. And is that nor one nor the other have come these days to visit with their daughters, the princess Leonor or the infanta Sofia.

A fact that adds to the that during the confinement, the kings have not sent a message to the nation, have been limited to be photographed, and only made to appear to her daughters the day April 23,on the occasion of the reading chunked The Don quixote. The absence of the monarch during the coronavirus is doing a lot of damage to the monarchy.