The coach of Adele talked about the extreme weight loss singer


Adele was in the news for his shocking physical transformation
Adele was in the news for his shocking physical transformation

The one that was your personal trainer in London, Pete Geracimotalked about the controversy that has given rise to the physical transformation of the british singer Adelethat I could have lost more than 50 pounds by undergoing a strict diet.

The new and striking image of Adele came in last Tuesday by reason of his 32 birthday, when the voice of “Hello” posted on Instagram a photograph in which he was going out with a dress, the short black showing almost unrecognizable.

“It is disappointing to read negative comments and accusations of gordofobia questioning the authenticity of his incredible weight loss. During my personal experience working with her, went through many ups and downs, and always made it to at your own pace and on their own terms,” said Geracimo in his extensive publication that accompanied with a photo of the performer in a swimming pool.

“He never looked down on the talent given by God nor is it reduced itself to a singer who exposed his body or to be the woman’s most sexy to sell albums. She let his voice speak, though I should say, sing! Never pretended to be something it was not. What you saw was what you got. Oh and we all loved it!”, continued the personal trainer.

The photo you shared Pete Geracimo in his profile of Instagram (IG: @petegeracimo)
The photo you shared Pete Geracimo in his profile of Instagram (IG: @petegeracimo)

Geracimo then goes on to explain that, when he began working with the singer, the intention was not to never ending “super thin”, but that would put “more healthy”

“I could not be more proud and more happy for it! This metamorphosis is not to sell albums, for advertising or to become a model to follow. What is doing for herself and for her son Angelo“noted Geracimo.

“When Adele and I first started our journey together, it was never a matter of being super thin. It was a matter of being healthy. Especially after pregnancy and after surgery. When he released ’25’ and announced the tour, we had to prepare for some thirteen exhausting months. It was then a tale began to train and changed their eating habits. As a result, lost quite some weight and people noticed. The transformation of your body was commented upon in all the tabloids. The attention it generated was mind-boggling, ” continued Gercimo.

Pete Geracimo with Adele in full training (IG: @adele)
Pete Geracimo with Adele in full training (IG: @adele)

“Since I moved to Los Angeles, all the world knows that he lived in personal times of hardship. It is normal that with the changes to walk towards a new me and want to be the best version of ourselves. She adopted better eating habits and a commitment to its physical condition and ‘sweating’!”, insisted.

The british singer, who now lives in Los Angeles, is divorced from Simon Konecki, with whom she has a child in common, a year ago. It is believed that Adele plans to release this year, in September, his new album, but the artist has yet to be confirmed.

“I hope that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve his own benefit and that of his family. Not lost weight to make others feel bad about themselves. This personal transformation has nothing to do with me or with you. It is about Adele and how you want to live your life. She continues to be the Adele with which we grew up and loved each other. There is only a little less of it for everyone. – And just think, now that is more in form and is fabulous, I could go back on tour! ¡Ganamos!”, concluded the coach in his public defense to the star of the music.


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