The day that Juan Carlos I came to Letizia doing this with one of his bodyguards


May 10, 2020
(13:49 CET)

Count Zarzuela the queen Letizia is a woman who likes to take care of all the details in his public appearances. Since the attire he wears to the hairstyle, going through the add-ons or the physical aspect. Something that you get to base you exercise, follow a healthy and balanced diet, and having a stylist and a hairdresser on staff.

ReinaLetizia and Eva Fernández

And not only that. He wants those around him to follow the protocol to the maximum. Bodyguard service, Palace and kitchen, equipment for monitoring private and everyone who works for her and we paid for all the Spanish, must follow the rules to the letter.

Letizia does this with his bodyguards

In this sense, they ensure that the emeritus Juan Carlos and Sofia alucinaron when you stood firm to the staff as soon as he arrived Zarzuela. Some workers who had spent years serving in Zarzuela and that were always considered “like family”, but with the arrival of the new queen became to feel strange.

Letizia Ortiz

In this sense, the emeritus has been a witness on more than one occasion of the touches of attention that the former of Spanish Television gave their bodyguards or the cleaning service, to which the emeriti always had in great consideration. “It has forgotten where it comes from”, was released the former Head of State on more than one occasion in petit comité.

Letizia does not support their lessons

In addition, it is not that you can say that Letizia is that in line with the protocol. On the contrary. It is not a woman who likes being told what to do or how they should behave. And when has wanted to has broken the rules to the bullfighter.

For example, the protocol notes that the queen should always be placed to the right of the king Felipe VIso that is the Head of State the first to be greeted by the guests.

Something that Letizia was jumped last summer during an act. Letizia he stayed behind after stopping to speak with a member of the security of the royal house, and when she came back with her husband stood to his left, having to be corrected and resituada by the son of Juan Carlos I. And as this, a few more. And you can read them here.