The disconcerting image of Henry Cavill with a new character from season 2 of ‘The Witcher’


Henry Cavill has been found with ‘The Witcher’ the project that you have been passionate about in your career. The actor was flipped completely on its physical transformation to prepare for the role, and has picked up their fruit with the great reception that has had the first season.

After you confirm that you season 2 was underway, Cavill has been put to work and is already training to re-embody Geralt of Rivia, but in a different way. And is that the actor has presented a very excited to his new companion in the series, a new horse that will give life to Minnow and that is learning to ride.

“The great, the glorious, the mighty and the gracious, as a king of an old myth… this is Hector. I hope you like it the content of horses… Over the years He has had many horses called Minnow and each one has been different. Each horse has a different personality and a way to relate and move.”

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