The disease Isabel Pantoja (and the end of diagnose) that paralyzes Spain


Isabel Pantoja cries

May 11, 2020
(15:36 CET)

Isabel Pantoja continues his silence. The singer is very scared and worried for the current situation. The renowned vocalist has not participated in any program of Mediaset, nor even by video call. Right now your greatest concern is your health and the health of his mother, Doña Ana, who belongs to the group of risk because of their advanced age and their health problems. The artist is concerned about her children and her niece, Anabel Pantoja. He is eager to abrazarles and besarles. Especially to their grandchildren.

For everything to go well and finish soon, Isabel Pantoja has been to pray. The singer prays a lot to ask the Lord for health “He confessed to his people that feels fear, sadness, and respect for all the families suffering and the many deaths”. The mother of Kiko Rivera suffers from serious problems. As has been revealed to people around you suffer from insomnia. Going to watch tv until late, to bed early and therefore rises almost to the time of eating.

Isabel Pantoja, with her two children But it is not the only problem. Isabel Pantoja is afraid, very afraid. Do not dare to go out into the street for fear that something happens. Isabel Pantoja suffers from agoraphobia. Only looks safe in the interior of your home and everything you suppose to exit beyond the front door of your house produces rejection. Don’t want to get sick.

To not think of all this, Isabel Pantoja manufactures face masks that after you donate to their neighbors in the area. This keeps it entertaining and not think of other things. “A few five-a-day and donates them to people in your area that need it”. At all times he keeps in touch with his children, who give all the love in the world. They are your greatest support and your desire to continue forward.