The high-intensity training, with the that Katy Perry has molded her figure and has remained in form over the years


2020 will be, without doubt, a year that the singer will never forget. Katy Perry to become a mom for the first time this year with his partner Orlando Bloom, news that gave to all their fans through the video clip of single Never Worn White where the glimpse of your tummy.

In addition to being an earthquake on the stage and not stop moving during their concerts, Katy Perry training before your pregnancy with a routine devised by Harley Pasternakone of the trainers of celebrities more well-known in the fitness world that has among its clients Lady GagaAdam Levine or Ariana Grande among others.

His routine five days a week consisted of a workout short but high intensity exercises, HIIT that combined with a healthy diet get a result toned and strong that it shapes the figure.

The singer shared a long time ago a video on your Instagram one of those exercises, in particular of a plyometric training in the gym.

High intensity exercises and cardio, the combo winner Katy Perry

The exercises polymeric help to improve the power of our muscles: are exercises fast and powerful they are preceded of a stretch muscle. They are especially useful for improve your career if you are a runner.

At home you can do a routine of high-intensity exercise, short and powerful that will help you to reshape your figureas this routine that we propose from Vitónicathat includes exercises are performed with the own body and for that we do not need any type of material additional.

To be short exercises, you can include them in your day-to-day in a simple way, and which form part of a daily routine just without effort, because the coach intends to routines of between 5 and 15 minutes a day with the we shall have an exercise very complete.

In addition, the singer makes cardio exercises that include long walks, racing, exercise with the elliptical or the bike at the gym, and yoga exercises, in addition to practicing the transcendental meditation as reported by the singer herself to the media.

It is easy to follow at home a workout routine HIIT with the to lose weight the easy way and get investing a little time and following a healthy diet results so great as Katy Perry.

Photos | Instagram @katyperry