The homosexuality of that Isabel Pantoja does not speak, but she did (and is afraid of Telecinco)

May 10, 2020
(17:05 CET)

A while ago Telecinco lost a case in the courts, which had to do with Isabel Pantoja. A story that could be repeated in the coming months.

The case broke when in Save me it was pointed out to the alleged homosexuality of Augustine Pantojathe brother of the renowned vocalist. She even got a boyfriend in Puerto Rico.

Telecinco low head

Isabel Pantoja not spoke of the matter, but Augustine yes he reacted querellándose against Mediaset. A fight for which he hired the lawyer Cynthia Ruiz. And she yes that she spoke. Go if you did.

Isabel Pantoja cries

This is a lawyer who has worked for celebrities as Beatriz Trapote or Leticia Sabater and that is a specialist in the parcel of the right to honour. They say that it is relentless. And in Telecinco they were able to verify first-hand. The lawyer won the case and got an interesting compensation for his client.

Alfonso Merlos strikes back

A Cynthia Ruiz whose services have now been hired by Alfonso Merlos to stop the feet of the private string and stop them talking about him at all hours. And it seems that in Telecinco the coronavirus is not as important as the Merlos Place.

merlos and lópez are reunited

As you can shake Marta López and all Mediaset. They wanted to sell the ex Great Brother it was the great victim, and Merlos has said enough is enough. Because it is becoming increasingly clear who of the three involved (Alfonso, Marta and Alexia Rivas) was the most benefit. Marta López it is the only one that is sucking out of pot.