The personal chef to Jennifer Lopez revealed why you should not miss in your refrigerator and what are the things that she never would –


Kelvin Fernandez, the chef of 33 years who works in the house of J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez, chismeó details of the kitchen of the singer.

In an interview, he said: “Jennifer does not like neither the texture nor the taste of the salmon, so if I cook salmon for the rest of the table, she’s always gotta make a bass or a cod”.

The singer of “On the Floor” do not like anything the berries (fruits of the forest), which is a snack favorite of their twins of 12 years, Emme and Max.

And what is in your fridge? The expert culinary gave details: “there is always sparkling water, vegetables and fruits despite the fact that Jennifer is not a great lover of fruits”. After that, I never can missing, “the spinach, cucumber and celery to make green juice” –a drink that takes at the start of the day–, “large eggs, and a lot of turkey”.