The reina Sofia prepares the move in secret. “This has happened”. Last minute in Royal House


Sofia and princess Irene

May 10, 2020
(10:36 CET)

The queen Sofia is going to the confinement in Zarzuela, but out of almost all of his family. The emerita is located these days in the stay that has in Palace away from emeritus Juan Carlos Iwho does not wants to see, as well as his son the king Felipe VI, his daughter-in-law Letizia and their granddaughters, the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia.

The only company that has, according to stories Pilar Eyre in an article published in the magazine Readings is with his sister, the princess Irene. Had Eyre the sister-in-law of Juan Carlos you have your own room with a small cabinet, and that there he would spend many hours with your sister Sofia.

Reina Sofia | EFE

Irene is the sole support of Sofia in the confinement

A princess Irene that, according to the journalist would have had a childhood very different to the one that had the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia. “The princesses Spanish have been raised among cottons, but Irene was born in full world war, in south Africa, where he was exiled the royal family Greek,” says Eyre.

And meanwhile, Sofia think of the day that will end the crisis of the coronavirus and will be able to leave their domains. And not only that. Also on the day that you can return to Mariventa place that Sofia considered to be his private refuge to escape from time to time when the family tension hardens. Especially to get away from Juan Carlos, because, in the absence of the emeritus, the mother of Felipe VI living a lot more tranquil.

The kings don Juan Carlos and doña Sofia

Sofia meditate to make the suitcases

And eye, because when he said “this has happened” and they told him the information had come to light the alleged collection of 100 million euros in commissions from Saudi Arabia on the part of her husband, his ideas of the future made a decision, I got an idea between eyebrow and eyebrow.

Ensure in the environment of the royal house that Sofia is considering seriously to make the suitcases as soon as I finish the enclosure, and set course to Mallorca. Go along to your sister Irene and get away from the cases that are turbid which do not leave out in the press and, above all, point to your husband. Because Sofia has already endured enough over the years to spend the time that is close to a person that does a lot of that is not happy.